The ceremonial uniforms of the Indian army soldiers of different regiments are very unique in the world and most fascinating for any photographer.  Being a photographer, it was my long pending dream to photograph the Indian army soldiers. I had the honour of working as main photographer for  The INDIAN ARMY - An Illustrated Overview, which was commissioned by the then Indian Army Chief, Gen JJ Singh, now the Hon’ble Governor of Arunachal Pradesh (one of the states of India). It was a matter of honour for me as I was invited to do so.  During this, I got to travel places and met old army colleagues and friends, who were not traceable after the passing out parade from Officers Training School (now named as academy), Chennai, 24th Aug 1984. I enjoyed rigorous shooting sessions, it was like working on a mission of special forces, time frame was too tight. The highlight was that I had opportunity to visit Rashtrapati Bhawan (President House) for numerous photo sessions with soldiers, for more than two months. One day, I selected these two soldiers, dressed in their ceremonial dress, who were `stick orderlies’ of the Army Chief, for a portrait session. The were part of the contingent which was brought there for the cover photo session. In the image, left side is Naik Johny of Maratha Light Infantry and on the right Naik Yogendra Kumar of the Guards.

Finally, on the 26th Sep 2007, the book was released by the Hon’ble Defence Misiter at the USI, New delhi. The function was attended by the top brass of the Indian Army and many other VIPs.

I have always dreamt of projecting the great Indian Army in photographs and make my countrymen proud of this great institution, which is so unique and India is so proud of.

Here, I will try to showcase the Indian Army through images, hope you enjoy and be proud of it.